Proper Lighting


Saying of “Any job or project should be done properly” would be an acceptable definition and it may be considered a general saying by looking at this perspective. But, “proper lighting” meaning carries much more importance than this general saying for LAMP 83.


“Proper lighting” is a sum of principles in favour of our customers and professionals, that is registered, protected and frequently revised in accordance to the ever changing technology. And as a concept, this is apart from any commercial concern and beyond all, a corporation policy for LAMP 83.


What exactly is this “Proper lighting” ?


The source of the life is light which has a direct effect on all creatures forms in terms of their motivations, attitudes, moods, behaviour, health and biological rhythm. The main natural light source is the Sun besides its heat and energy capabilities.


Humankind has been working hard to have as much as possible out of the Sun for providing light, heat and energy since many years. There is much more to go for. We have to benefit from the Sun as long as we have a source like this. Normally designing and positioning of living areas should be starting with defining exact positioning of these living areas where and how we may get most out of the Sun.


But even this basic may not be applied from time to time depending on some needs and difficulties. As a matter of fact that due to some different reasons like we have limited time to benefit from the Sun, city and building positioning and shadowing effect of each construction effecting the other / others, different aims and expectations of Project makers, times that we may not get the most out of the Sunlight makes us to go for “artificial lighting” applications and solutions.


This is exactly where we as LAMP 83 appreciated our “proper lighting“ principle just to make sure that at first we will take “proper lighting” principle into consideration on all our projects, products and applications during our operations and existence although we may have some commercial concerns like any other commercial company.


We designated the shortest definition for “proper lighting”as follows; we will fully complete any lighting project requirements that needs artificial lighting applications besides or in addition to the natural light as energy efficient, suitable for any automation on all levels, as human motivating and by paying attention to human eye health and safety.


We have recently added “human centric lighting” principles to our main definition after having learned that recent independent scientific researches and their results proves that it is all related with human, human motivation at the first sight. So that, whatever the requirement of a project, we will pay special attention to provide comfort and plus motivation for human being with our artificial lighting luminaires and applications.


What are the main benefits of “proper lighting”?

• Whatever the project is, ”proper lighting” serves for energy efficiency and most suitable solutions,

• Visual ability of the human eye may be supported and / or increased,

• Human eye health may be protected or visual impairments may be decreased by

controlling the glare effect,

• Harmful visual mistakes and accidents may be decreased,

• Human motivation, learning capacity, safety feeling, efficiency, eye comfort and longer

concentration figures may be maintained by applying “human centric lighting”


• Defining and visually capturing colour tones, materials, sizes and other important

features of the objects may be easier and proper,

• Investment costs, energy consumption costs and amounts, luminaire quantities, spare

parts and maintenance costs may be decreased and total efficiency of your system would

be upgraded,

• Whatever you would like to present to your customers at the first sight like your

products, services, objects, their features, etc. as single presentations or gathered may

have visually up graded to get attention,

• The time, money, effort, several other costs would be decreasing after a proper lighting

system integration and operating would be much more easier than you would think for

your lighting system if combination and co-operation maintained with basic or improved

building automation systems / applications.


By looking at all above or even a single benefit of these important values, one can or should understand that purchasing an artificial lighting luminaire is not a regular purchase or defining where the cheapest option available to buy. By making this basic error of defining purchasing lighting luminaires that easy may not only cause spending your own corporate or personal money, but most importantly it causes that you spend and waste your countries, World’s remaining energy resources for nothing. Unfortunately, still many obvious mistakes are still being made in the market and we may not say that even corporate companies are aware of these basic facts. In addition to that, there are also commercial distribution companies causing sort of mistakes whether intentionally or unintentionally. But we have to remember that whether by a mistake or intentionally, as long as these mistakes take place, we are spending our World-wide energy sources almost for nothing. We have to keep in mind that one of the most important problems of our times and future is to be more careful and on efficient energy consuming.


Finally, it is easy to understand what does ”proper lighting” topic mean for LAMP 83 by gathering all these important details. Although one can still say that this would be a sort of a slogan but it is obviously clear that “proper lighting” concept is further more than a slogan for LAMP 83 and for LAMP 83 customers. We have been working for more than half of a century by following our “proper lighting” principals for our services like improving our products, creating lighting concepts and working on field application projects.


We will keep moving on with this certain principle as long as our customers prefers and supports us.