Revolution in Lighting: WIGGLE


We have given freedom to the light source… And created a modular light that could lead you to design your own architectural forms and details: WIGGLE. Design your own light by yourself.


LAMP 83, produced a brand new & unique luminaire for endless architectural lighting: WIGGLE.


You do not have to adapt yourself to the light anymore, from now on the light will adapt to you. By the revolution in lighting, WIGGLE provides freedom to create any desired forms or curves as your desired lengths in your space.  


Shortly, LAMP 83 freed yourself and your light, by WIGGLE.


In any shape you want.  In any form you imagine. In any length you plan. You can create an architectural lighting in line with architectural design, either by seperate or with multiple modules in a row. Use it as surface mounted or pendant. Let’s transform imagined forms into the architectural & functional lighting.


WIGGLE is a modular lighting system that enables dynamic lighting to be transformed into the architectural lighting. WIGGLE, an exclusive architectural lighting system that is patented by LAMP 83, was designed as modular & functional to be adapted perfectly into all space designs such as straight, circular, oval or curvy. The special acrylic diffuser of the WIGGLE provides not only the elegant, but also sufficient light for any illumination needs.


Fitted with pivot joints that could rotate through 25° in both directions and produced as in standard lengths of either 1.5 m or 3.0 m, WIGGLE gives you freedom to design practically limitless lengths of multiples of these two lengths. Moreover, WIGGLE  featuring DALI dimm for automation system, is available as Ø: 1 m  or  Ø: 3 m perfect circle shape.


Free your mind and let WIGGLE to realise.


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