Wishing to present the appearance and performance of the luminaries it manufactures, LAMP 83 opened its first modern showroom at its place in Karaköy Bankalar Caddesi in 1989. When this showroom, a first in the sector, created a tremendous impression, LAMP 83 organized an even bigger showroom at its place in Kağıthane where it moved in 1994. For the first time in Turkey, a demo center presenting the differences of ‘Correct Lighting’ was made there.


Developing in parallel with the development of the products in time, the showroom has reached to an area of 600 m2. With the improvements in LED technology and increasing number of the products using LED, this showroom gathered all the LED and automation applications in a separate division. 


Moreover, now, LAMP 83 is preparing to carry 'the showroom concept' into another level within its new factory. A brand new showroom is being built to be ready in spring months which will not only display LAMP 83 products, but also will serve as a 'lighting simulation center'.


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