R&D / Laboratory


LAMP 83 has a characteristic that is open to innovations and change trends with its laboratories, contained within itself that can conduct 25 different tests. While going after a sustainable development by increasing the budget allocated to R&D each year, the company continuously carries out research and development processes in order to maintain its leading position in the sector.


Mechanical, electrical and thermal tests are carried out in the test laboratories in international standards in order to make designs and manufacture products in comply with the EN 60598 standards. Thus, products are tested for compliance to international standards in terms of health and safety of users and quality of product.


Heat and thermal resistance tests to maximize lifetime of electrical and electronic parts such as lamp and ballast; endurance and security tests carried out for glass, moving parts and plastic materials; user's safety tests such as leakage current, incombustibility, insulation, grounding; and performance and efficiency tests are carried out continuously.


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