A correct and efficient lighting project, that was pre-analysed in terms of initial investment and running costs, should be prepared and undertaken by experts who are specialised in technical lighting. Thanks to electrical and electronic engineers and architects working within LAMP 83, LAMP 83 prepares a lighting project for all places that it does work. Thus, Proper Lighting is provided with comfortable, durable and affordable attempt according to the standards required by space.


LAMP 83 uses DIALux EVO program during project works and thus LAMP 83 offers simulation and animated images of space to be illuminated for its customers.


LAMP 83 became Premier Partner with professional lighting planning program DIALux, which includes lighting data of the world’s most widely used and leading manufacturers, after the agreement signed in 2014. Under this agreement, products of LAMP 83 are located in the library of luminaries and on the Lumsearch website in the form of plug-in. Evo 1 and Evo 3 versions of DIALux, which are used in the works of the world and Europe’s largest lighting companies reach in total 560,000 professional users from 189 countries.  In Turkey, professionals more than 7.000 work with DIALux. LAMP 83 became the 183rd international lighting company started working with DIALux.


Project team of LAMP 83 aims to keep the maximum the satisfaction of the customers by the projects prepared with DIALux EVO. Thanks to the perfection of three-dimensional visualizations and computations, LAMP 83 will continue to be indispensable for professionals who prefer its products. 


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