Special LED Applications

Feel the real colors with LAMP 83


In the retail sector, where displayed and highlighted products directly affect customers’ buying preferences, trends and also shopping experiences; a great difference can be made with accurate and application specific LED light sources


LAMP 83, that services many national and international brands in different segments for many years in the retail and service sector, enables you to make a difference in the perception of customers with special LED solutions for display products and lighting applications that change the atmosphere of the space according to the desired concept.


LAMP 83 offers ideal solutions for reflecting the real and natural image of the displayed products to the consumers. For the projects such, developed for restaurants and bars; for textile industry; for jewellery shops to display gold or diamonds; to display foods like meat; fish, bakery, vegetables and fruits displayed in markets and restaurants, LAMP 83 uses purpose based LED light sources to meet basic needs of these sectors.


LEDs including latest technology to display textile products perfectly, take the shopping experience to a different dimension by influencing customers color perception over clothes positively. LED technology, which brings out the contrast between the colors in the foreground, enables consumers to perceive vivid and warm colors more clearly.


On the other hand, thanks to a special LED that enhances the perception of white tones, white-weighted products are offered to consumers in a brighter and more spectacular appearance.


Fresh and vibrant appearance”, which plays a major role in consumers’ choice of food products in food retailing, is also provided by special LED solutions of LAMP 83. The technology, that runs on the principle of bringing the different color temperature values and wave lengths of the LED used in the lighting device, reveals the freshness of vegetables and fruits or the vivid appearance of products such as fish and meat. Thus, thanks to increased charm of the displayed products, they become more attractive and preferred for the customers.


Thanks to this technology, which also offers a reasonable cost saving in terms of energy consumption, the displayed products are kept at low temperature and remain fresh for longer.


On the other hand, the lighting concepts preferred in restaurants and bars are just as important as the food and service quality offered. LEDs that are developed to provide a warmer atmosphere, enable customers to feel comfortable and spend time as if in a comfortable home environment, and also offer a less operation costs thanks to longer economic life and lower energy consumption.


In short, LAMP 83 that brings together the LED-specific product solutions on display with stylishly designed and high-performance lighting devices, provides you to reach the “Proper Lighting” for your product and space at the right cost.


To improve your customer’s perception and influence their purchasing preferences, increase the attractiveness of your products, or change the atmosphere of your space with the right lighting, all you need to do is to contact your LAMP 83 expert sales representative.



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