It has never been easier to rule the light!


LAMP 83 leaves the control of the light completely to you by cooperating with Finnish Casambi, the leader company of lighting control systems.


It is possible to control whole lighting system of a space via a Bluetooth based network including mobile devices, thanks to Casambi.


In LAMP 83’s new system, Casambi’s electronic units can control lighting luminaires via the DALI or 12-24 Volt constant voltage drivers. Casambi integrated LAMP 83 products, offers to user many different control options such as, manual or automatic on/off switching via timer; DIM the light level; adjusting the color temperature in RGB or tunable white form. In addition, suitable products can be controlled for Human Centric Lighting scenario.


One of the biggest advantages of the system, which is running on Bluetooh and compatible with IOS & Android-based mobile devices, is that there is no need to wire DALI signal cables. Thus, system installation costs, in terms of both budget and labor, can be saved and cluttered cables are long gone.


In Casambi system, you can control up to 127 products on one network and also, thanks to the coexistence of different networks, the entire lighting system of a building can be managed from a single mobile device. In addition, there is no need to carry the DALI signal between the floors. A lighting device controlled by the Casambi system, if required, can be controlled from multiple mobile devices or system-compatible wireless switches at the same time within the priority order.


Moreover, the “Smart Switching” feature activated by the use of a Casambi compatible lampholder or DIM unit, it is possible to use ordinary wall switches as dimmers.


It is also very easy to personalize your lighting system with the application of Casambi. With different lighting scenes, it is possible to change the atmosphere of the place very quickly and easily. These scenarios can be fictionalized as timer based, depending on the sunrise / sunset times, or on the basis of secondary/assistant elements such as motion or daylight sensor.


Thanks to the Casambi application, which automatically receives the geographical location and date / time information of the system via the mobile device, the entire lighting system can be programmed on a daily basis in parallel with the sunrise or sunset time, if desired.


In the application that can work over the cloud, the scenario that is designed for one lighting device can easily be copied into many devices. With all these automation scenarios, the lighting system that works more efficiently, also saves considerable energy consumption.


In short, with the cooperation of LAMP 83 - Casambi, the light control is now entirely up to you.


Mobile devices become automation control unit with the Casambi Application


To control LAMP 83’s Casambi-compatible lighting devices on your mobile phone or tablet, all you have to do is download the Casambi application. After installation, the app, available free of charge on the Apple App Store or Google Play, automatically recognizes all Casambi compatible products within the Bluetooth range. From the moment you chose “Take all lamps into use”, all products compatible with Casambi are added to a network and a new tab is opened with product visuals.


Now, all the lighting devices are at your disposal! Casambi-compatible products can be controlled one by one, by groups or all together.


A photograph of the desired section, can be assigned as a visual of the product group that is created in this section. Also, the products can be marked one by one on this image. Thus, it is easy to understand which product will be controlled within the same space. In addition, default images of the products can be exchanged with the photos that user has taken. Once you have selected a unique product or product group, the control is now at your fingertips. To dim the light level of your product or group, you just move your finger to the left and right. Similarly, in compatible products, the light color temperature can be changed by moving up and down.


For products that offer an RGB color option, the desired color can be adjusted effortlessly, thanks to the color palette. All these settings can be saved by a long press on the product image. (See: 06)


In addition, for each product or product groups, scenarios that require light control, can be created.


In short, with LAMP 83 – Casambi cooperation, the light control is in your hand. To experience Casambi comfort and enjoy latest step in terms of lighting automation, all you need to do is to contact your LAMP 83 lighting expert customer representative.



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