LEDs and Lamp 83

Having seen that the future of the lighting world was headed towards LED, LAMP 83, with its usual innovative approach, has been continuing its works for the use of LED in the luminaries since 2006.


Having included its standard products with LED light source into its catalog and having put them up for sale since 2010, LAMP 83 carried out R&D works required for efficient use of LED technology and gained great experience in all these years.


While mounting parts of LED luminaires, LAMP 83 employees work on anti-static surface, thus the problems that might occur on long-term due to static electricity loads are  prevented in advance. 


LAMP 83 has been reflecting its approach of not compromising on quality since more than 50 years,  to the LED technology as well. LAMP 83 has been working to obtain the highest efficiency possible in all the factors such as LED choices, driver choices, reflector choices or lens choices, body and cooler designs, material quality, transparency level of glasses, if any, in the luminaries with LED.