Advantages of LED

The LED light sources used with the correct devices and components have the important advantages such as extremely longer life, high resistance and low energy use when compared to the conventional light sources; however the key feature that makes them completely unique is their ability to produce color. In addition to creating millions of colors, LED sources can provide white light in various color temperatures.


The dimming (turning down and up the light) opportunity provided by the LEDs offers great advantage for users. The fact that the LED light sources which are basically electronic circuit elements are used with electronic control systems brings quite different results.


Available lamp technologies cannot compete with the broad design and image opportunities offered by LEDs. The features of LEDs such as endurance, robustness and colors richness, as well as its small size, allow LEDs to be more flexible and variable in terms of design, size and shape compared to the available lamp technologies.


Apart from those;

  • LEDs create a natural light.
  • LED is more durable, long-lasting and energy efficient than the other conventional light sources.
  • It consumes low power and it has the feature to distribute low heat.
  • It saves energy and it does not require maintenance.
  • Apart from being resistant to shock and vibration, LEDs do not have any glass to be broken into pieces or any filament to be broken.
  • It has a quite long life with a value of 50.000-100.000 hour/life.
  • Color rendering may reach up to 95%.
  • It has low heat and low light pollution.


Although its first purchase cost may be little higher, LED offers a more economical solution in the medium and long term, compared to the lighting systems with conventional lamps, when correct project is followed.


LAMP 83 project group perceptibly presents the advantages of LED systems by calculating ‘Payback’ according to the field where the lighting work will be carried out. Plase click to see an example of ‘Payback’ calculation.