Comfort in Lighting

With Proper Lighting it is possible to capture visual comfort and support your sales.

In places such as not having correct lighting, lighting comfort and having glare, people are being disturbed by the lack of visual comfort, so they spend less time in these places.  For instance, lighting affects the volume of sales as well as the time that spent by customers in the shop. If the lighting is done correctly, it becomes an advantage for guiding and encouraging.


Capture the accent lighting at the desired point and the light at each point as needed.

Proper lighting is one of the criteria of proper and effective presentation of product. Therefore, while determining required light levels inside the shop make sure that the products are presented properly and lights are used as needed, where necessary. LAMP 83 provides project service with customer representatives, who are lighting experts and offers professional solutions with experience in shop lighting in accordance with the expectations of its customers and their needs.


Glare should be controlled.

Inefficient luminaries in shops sometimes are tried to capture with the required light level, so too many items are being used and due to the products that can reflect light to the desired point, glare occurs. When using luminaries which are not designed correctly, customer and shop employees and thus sales volume are negatively affected because of the luminaries that used in high power and number and caused image inconvenience.


While planning lighting inside the shop, it should be considered that there is no glare and products that control glare should be preferred where necessary (if strong light desired in one point or an area). Expert customer representatives of LAMP 83 calculate light levels and glare and offer proper and professional lighting solutions to customers through the program that they use at the project stage.


With automation of lighting you can impress and save money.

The fact that lighting automation is done provides advantages for visual comfort and energy saving in shops. Shops which can benefit from daylight can avoid from too much light and save energy thanks to the automation of lighting.


When using products with suitable quality, light can be dimmed during daylight and/or relatively less light that needed and with DALI system this feature can be managed automatically. Control alternatives of dimming and DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) are available in luminaries of LAMP 83.