Economy in Lighting

Reduce amount of your electricity bill and operating costs.

You can reduce the amount of electricity bills and get rid of the burden of many operating costs with efficient, long lasting and energy saving luminaries.


LAMP 83 pays maximum attention to either conventional lamps or LED luminaries that it produced to be efficient.


Please click here to see a comparison made on the basis of the project between LED luminary and luminaries with conventional lamp for a sample shop.


With more efficient luminaries use less number of luminaries.

The fact that a large part of the light received from the lamp and transmitted to environment is one of the most important requirements of an efficient luminary. For it to be possible, optical design of the reflector or the lens used in luminary and quality of used material should have the required quality and technology.


Thus the light, obtained from the same power lamp and efficient luminary, is many times more than the light, obtained from the inefficient luminary. This means that unit price is cheap but inefficient luminaries are used a lot more for a venue that can be illuminated with less quality luminaries.


When all factors are considered, it is seen that efficient luminaries provide savings for initial investment and operating costs in the total project. The total amount paid in the project is more, even if inefficient luminary is cheaper than the efficient one. Also, using inefficient luminaries means that more electricity bills will be paid consistently.


For illuminated places using high amount of products, power consumption occupies an important place in expenses. This issue is even more important for retail industry increasing the number of shops. For retail industry, which has dozens of shops and uses an average of 100 units in each shop lighting, savings to be made from electricity consumption is becoming an even greater amount.


Prefer long-lasting luminaries.

Luminaries, which are quality, in compliance with EN 60598-1 standards and have CE declaration of conformity and required type test reports, provide long life as well as many usage advantages. Compliance with these standards and norms of luminaries, which you bought, shows compliance with the necessary conditions of the quality of the used materials, mechanical and electrical sufficiency. When products not providing these conditions are used, after a while it is likely to be encountered with the problems such as refurbishment, replacement, many electrical and/or mechanical failures.


All of the products of LAMP 83 are designed and produced according to the international standard and quality norms; compliance of products with these standards and quality are confirmed by passing 25 different types of tests.