Vivid Colors in Lighting

Draw attention with correct and eye-catching colors.

One of the prerequisites of visual comfort and correct product presentation is presentation of product colors with the original states. Colors provided and perceived correctly, can enrich the presentation of products and not cause confusion or error in perception.


Lamps are divided into color rendering groups according to the characteristics of the light that they emit. The color rendering group that lamps belong to and color rendering index value are determined by applying daylight as a criterion and they indicate how close colors are received to their original state.


Luminaries with lamp having a high color rendering and belonging to the 1A and 1B group, should be used at the points, such as merchandising/retail industry, where product presentation is very important. Color rending index value (CRI-Ra), determined by International Commission on Illumination, is high and makes it possible to detect product colors, which are quite close to their original tone.


LAMP 83 uses lamps and LEDs with high color rendering in all its specially designed and developed products for the retail industry and completely responds to the needs and expectations with wide product scale.


Pay attention to the effects of gravity.

Metal halide lamps are still used frequently for accent, object and shop lighting. When this lamp is used in special spots or fixtures, which can be adjusted from vertical position to a horizontal position, with the effect of gravity, the gas in burning cell of the lamp collapses towards the lower section of the burning cell. As a result of this, in lower and upper sections of the burning cell occurs color change from yellow to pink.


When this light emitted in a different color is directed to the desired surface or object through an efficient reflector, a different and disturbing color transition from yellow to pink occurs. When metal halide lamps are used in a different position from vertical, “Gravity Effect” occurs in the burning cells.


If this problem occurs in the retail industry, that desired white color will not appear as the light presented on a white dress causes the top and bottom of the clothing to be detected as if it is a different color. Likewise these different colors cause some parts of colored clothing or colors of other objects to perceive as if they are different colors.


Reflectors, which eliminate this error of lamp, send different colors formed in horizontal position to the desired location by mixing them and have a special optic design, are used in all metal halide lamp fixtures designed and produced by LAMP 83.


With Shoplight lamps, reflect the vivid red.

Standard metal halide lamps have low color renderings in red color. For this reason, using metal halide lamps in shops and food sections of market, where red color accent is important, doesn’t give the desired results for the product presentation. Especially in aisles such as food, bread, pastry, nuts, greengrocer, this disadvantage that directly affects product presentation is not available in “Shoplight” lamps.


In the retail industry, unlike other lamps, which are used for color rendering especially in red zone, Shoplight metal halide lamp, which has high color rendering in all other colors, provides the same advantageous results for the red color. Thus, all colors can be presented with much more vivid and their actual colors through Shoplight.


Shoplight lamp alternatives are available in the great majority of products with metal halide lamps of LAMP 83.