Color Filters

Color filters can absorb light freely and show different colors depending upon the reflection. “Borofloat” is used to ensure high light transmittance and high heat resistance in the color filter. Besides, color filters substantially provide reduction of UV radiation.


There are many different types of these filters. The variety of type and characteristics of color filters to be used change according to the intended use and area. Different applications are listed below for color filters. These filters can be used:


• In lightings of stage and performing centers to filter lighting effects of studios,

• In window and glass lighting,

• For the purpose of displaying objects vivid and bright,

• In art gallery lighting,

• In bread and pastry aisles,

• In red meat and fish aisles,

• In citrus and greengrocer shelves,

• In warning devices of airports,

• In tanning bed to filter UV protection.


If desired, color filter application can be made on many products of LAMP 83.You can take support from lighting experts of LAMP 83 with the regard to the use of the correct filter.