IP Classes

The IP classification system designates by means of a number, the degree of protection provided by a luminary against impact, dust or water ingress. Please note that the IP classification should not be considered as indicating corrosion resistance.


Level of protection according to IEC 529 is listed below:



FIRST DIGIT: Degree of protection against solid object

0 ..... Non-protected

1 .....Protected against a solid object greater than 50 mm(such as a hand touching)

2 .....Protected against a solid object greater than 12 mm (such as a finger touching)

3 .....Protected against a solid object greater than 2,5 mm(such as screw or a tool)

4 .....Protected against a solid object greater than 1,0 mm(such as wire or thin strips)

5 .....Dust- protected(Prevents ingress of dust sufficient to cause harm)

6 .....No dust ingress


SECOND DIGIT: Level of protection against water

0 .....Non-protected

1 .....Protected against water dripping vertically

2 .....Protected against dripping water when tilted up to 15°

3 .....Protected against water spraying at an angle of up to 60°

4 .....Protected against water splashing from any direction

5 .....Protected against jets of water from any direction

6 .....Protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water

7 .....Protected against harmful ingress of water when immersed between a depth of 150 mm to 1 meter

8 .....Protected against effects of continuous immersion in water


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