Safety in Lighting


Emergency Lighting:

There should be emergency lighting in places, such as shopping malls, hotels, shops and markets, where intense human traffic occurs. When natural disaster such as fire or earthquake occurs, emergency lighting should be able to direct people inside the shop to escape ways in and provide them the required light levels to reach these points. While planning the lighting in shop, in case the power cut occurs emergency lighting should be made in accordance with fire regulations and taking into consideration the maximum lux value. These lux values vary between 0.5 lux to 2 lux according to the risk level of used venue or department. Besides, the guidance should be made for emergency exit doors; emergency routing devices should be used on the required points along the path to this door.


In emergency situations, alternatives of LAMP 83’s products flash for an hour or three hours and emergency routing devices are available.


The use of non-flammable polymeric materials and toxic gases:

Toxic gases emitted during fire are among the causes of intoxication and death occurring during fire. Therefore, polymer-based materials used in seen or unseen parts of luminaries should have the feature not to emit toxic gases when they are burning. LAMP 83 selects polymer materials, used in all products of LAMP 83, with the feature not to emit toxic gases when they are burning.


Fader UV Rays:

In shop lighting, mostly on products higher bright level is targeted as against general lighting. So luminaries providing high illumination level are preferred at this point. When using for this purpose, products with metal halide lamp, which have relatively cheap unit price, need higher power lamp as they are inefficient. If paints of presented products are not enough quality and durable, luminaries’ with metal halide lamp, which is higher than necessary, cause to fade colors of the presented products. At this point, it needs to be illuminated the products with high efficient and low power luminaries.


Luminaries with LED located in the product range of LAMP 83 cannot damage the products and not cause colors to fade as UV radiation is close to zero.


Security Distance and Thermal Radiation:

Security distance is the minimum distance between the luminary and the surface to be illuminated when spotlights or luminaries with spotlight features are used and it is determined in terms of meter with the laboratory tests conducted to prevent a temperature above 90 degrees on the illuminated surface. While planning lighting projects and then mounting products, it should be taken to ensure this safety distance. In all products of LAMP 83, safety distance measurements are done through laboratory tests and these numbers are stated in meters.


Explosion hazard and tempered safety glass:

Metal halide lamps heat during flashing in direct proportion to high light level, which they provide and cause to the heat inside the luminary.  Even if there is a very long shot, metal halide lamp is likely to explode with the effect of heat.  So, heat-resistant tempered safety glass should be used in front of the luminaries with metal halide lamp. Otherwise glass of lamp divided into very small pieces during an explosion can be caused unwanted accidents and results.


Tempered safety glass is used in all products with metal halide lamps of LAMP 83.


Reliable Luminaries and Wiring:

In cables, silicone insulation is used safely against the threat of fire due to the high heat resistance and flame retarding characteristics. The high thermal conductivity of silicon ensures continuous operating temperature of the cable to keep low level. The qualities of the cables conveying the current are quite important for the luminaries in which a current with high power occurs especially during ignition. Cables not being withstand to this current and not having silicone insulation can endanger the luminary and electrical installation and cause unwanted accidents.


Silicone insulated section cables suitable for the characteristics of the product are used in products of LAMP 83.