LAMP 83, completed lighting project of ATÜ Duty Free shops, located in international Medina Airport.

The new terminal building of Medina International Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Airport is recently opened in Saudi Arabia. ATÜ Duty Free shops, which are located in the airport that is distinguished by its architectural design and lighting effect, again chose LAMP 83 as their lighting solution partner. 

The cooperation between LAMP 83 and ATÜ Duty Free, covering both domestic and international projects, dates back to long time ago. Thanks to meticulous lighting project work that took four months to complete for the airport where annually 8 million people pass through, each shop was designed according to an different story and concept. 

For the whole Project, only LAMP 83’s luminaires, which were all in comply with international regulations and having LED light sources, were used. The placement and design of the luminaires were considered in line with architectural concept.