Starting its corporate activity with manufacturing of basic lighting equipments in 1963, LAMP 83 evolved over time and became a globalizing brand today.


The corporate journey that started out with its motivation for and registered motto “Proper Lighting” has been continuing with stability, progress and confidence for over 50 years. Our attempt to turn the classic light sources of the 20th century into efficient lighting equipments has evolved in the 21st century and turned into the function of forming the LED light sources, their efficiency and their automation abilities into more long-lasting sources, different from the classic forms. Positioning itself properly within this whole process and evolution, LAMP 83 maintained its progress, growth and globalization through the support of its corporate and individual stakeholders.


As a result of these endeavors, LAMP 83 production and presentation facilities were restructured in 2015. Our new facility, located right in the center of Istanbul, which is one of the most central locations in the World connecting the continents of Europe and Asia, was put into service for our valued customers and the professionals in thesector, with its production and presentation areas reaching 22.000.- square meter and a potential production capacity of 1.000.000.- items / year.


While securing and improving its leading position in the everchanging and developing race that in fact restarted with the LED technology, LAMP 83 also continues to improve its service, product and system quality in line with customer demands, using modern corporate and process management instruments such as overall quality, advanced customer relations management and strategic management.


We keep on providing corporate and integrated services for global brands alongside with the most valuable brands of our country. With our expert teams, specializing in various project types ranging from industrial areas to high quality residence projects, we provide lighting and lighting automation solutions that add value to and make a difference in your projects. We work tirelessly for making the interior and exterior lighting products, systems and automation needs for your offices, markets, industrial sites, hospitals, shopping malls, stores, quality living projects and commercial areas, energy efficient and compatible with your project.


Our individual and corporate customers, who preferred and trusted LAMP 83 in all kinds of lighting and project needs for over half a century, benefit from the added value and differences LAMP 83 has been providing for its customers while differentiating itself through attention and diligence.


LAMP 83 means the Experience

Established in 1963, LAMP 83 is a company of systems designing, producing and marketing lighting devices and integrated lighting systems not only for its customers at homeland but also for its global customers throughout the World, thanks to the combination of more than 50 years of corporate culture, knowledge and experience.


LAMP 83 means the Quality

The basic need for corporate improvement and sustainability is not the quality of a single product, but the combined quality of a holistic system. What’s important for LAMP 83 from this point of view is for the holistic operating system to be certified and sustainable. In line with this philosophy and commitment, the whole operating system of LAMP 83 was certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 quality assurance systems and assured by British NQA company.


LAMP 83 means the Environment

We work with a consciousness embracing the fact that the World and the future are entrusted to us for our children. While trying to create a safer and brighter future for our institution and for the humanity, we are also aware of the fact that the planet we live in is the most important thing we have. And for that reason, we not only created a system that was certified with ISO 14001 environmental management system document, but we also made sure that all of our activities were in line with this policy by creating the “Green Planet” policy of LAMP 83.


LAMP 83 means Reliability

After half a century in the sector, LAMP 83 made a name for itself equivalent to the word “trust”. Thanking our more than 15.000 individual and corporate customers who supported us in gaining this name, we will continue to try to preserve and improve this name as long as we exist.


LAMP 83 means Innovative

LAMP 83 operating system always aims for better and newer. All of our working teams maintain and improve their association with LAMP 83 knowing and accepting these objectives. Going beyond the ordinary and without any presupposition, independent from all of these, the Research and Development department makes sure that LAMP 83 products and systems are innovative, efficient and competitive for the benefit of customers.


LAMP 83 means the Design

The standard product range of LAMP 83 consists of around 600 design & model registered main products. Respect for the designer, design, intellectual and ownership rights is an integral part of the corporate identity of LAMP 83. Working with lighting designers, architects, engineers and executors, we also created, exemplified and produced different and special designs for various products and systems for many projects to which we provided corporate solutions. We have always considered the visual quality, functionality and efficacy of our designs as an integral part of our job and we will continue to do so.


LAMP 83 means Technology

One of the most important values for LAMP 83 is preserving its productive – creative identity. For over 50 years, with this awareness and principle, we have been using the best quality resources provided by technology for the manufacturing activities of LAMP 83. Today, robotic and numeric controlled applications and technologies are included in all operations from design activities to final production operations of LAMP 83. Our powder coating facility, where all operations are carried out untouched and our 3 dimensional printer and technologies performing prototyping – sampling with engineering plastics may be ranked among these examples.


LAMP 83 means Competitive

We consider being competitive as the basic necessity of our time. We are aware of the fact that the important thing is to be considered as ‘efficient and competitive’ by the customers, regardless of what you are doing; how you are doing it or what you say. We are not working to provide the most appropriate single unit price for meeting the corporate and individual project requirements we are involved in, but to provide the most technologically advanced and competitive system solutions to achieve the desired outcomes. We identify the defined parameters of the competitive system as: “meeting/fulfilling the defined objectives and requirements of a project in the most efficient and economic way possible”. Furthermore, we also include affordability, lifelong ease of use, energy efficiency, minimization of energy costs and finally the maintenance and repair costs in this definition as additional components. We are constantly working on proving that we are the most suitable solution partner in this whole system.


LAMP 83 means Project Maker

The most important motivation for us is the notion of “Proper Lighting”, which is identified with our brand. For this reason, we not only officially registered our motto “Proper Lighting” under our name but we also trained and educated all of our teammates working within LAMP 83 with this awareness in mind. We are aware that the basic requirement for “Proper Lighting” is the right project design and we preserve this principle throughout every project we work on. Even if this characteristic of our brand causes us to lose some customers from time to time, we also consider these losses as gains and we actually turn them into gains with the results emerging in time.


LAMP 83 means the Warranty

Having the privilege of being reliable in the eyes of its stakeholders became a habit for LAMP 83. The performance of any product bearing our brand is very valuable to us. Within this context, all of our products meet the requirements determined by international standards and are directly under corporate warranty for 2 years. LAMP 83 product warranty can be extended up to 5 years in line with the improving and changing LED and other associated auxiliary material technologies in the lighting sector and provided that some additional requirements are met.


LAMP 83 means Global

Today, LAMP 83 lighting devices and integrated lighting systems are used in thousands of projects in over 60 countries worldwide. LAMP 83 now designs, manufactures and supplies lighting products and systems not only for exclusive brands of our country but also for global brands all around the World.


We are very proud of the characteristics of our brand and the point we have reached today and the only reason behind this is the support from our stakeholders and customers, who trusted in us and preferred us. We would like to sincerely thank all of our stakeholders and customers, who put their trust in us and supported us throughout our journey of over half a century.


For your personal data collected, stored and processed by us as data specialist, we operate in accordance with Article 10 of the Data Officer of the GDPR entitled ve Lighting Liability.