How is HCL To Be Applied?

In addition to the identification of the needs, the luminaries decided to be used in the project should be compatible with the “Human Centric Lighting” technology. One of the most basic and primary requirements of the system is that the manufacturer of the luminaries should have the ability to produce and supply the luminaries that are technically and aesthetically sufficient.


The last and most important element to be evaluated alongside with the procurement of appropriate lighting devices is to create an application project with a light control system that would provide all the benefits mentioned above, that is user-friendly and easy to be managed and understood.


Looking at the application order and basic requirements we can easily understand how important by whom and how “Human Centric Lighting” application installed is. It should be kept in mind that the applications to be installed by companies or producers lacking the necessary expertise and equipment would cause ‘wasted resources’ at the end of the application process rather than being beneficial. It should also be kept in mind that the compensation costs of a wrong application could be much higher than the total cost of the work itself.


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For further information or for applications that will enhance ‘human life comfort’, which is the basic point of focus in our current projects, please contact LAMP 83 “Lighting and Light Control Project Department”.


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