Which Field Can HCL Be Applied?

So, in which field can “Human Centric Lighting” be applied and how can it be applied?


“Human Centric Lighting” technique or method may be applied in many different places where people stay for meeting their basic needs and/or they have to be at by necessity. When the intended purposes of these places and/or intended purposes of people using these places are considered, it is possible to provide many common and/or different benefits. Some application areas and development and benefits to be expected within these areas may be identified as follows:


• In applications in educational institutions;

Less sense of fatigue; deeper and longer concentration time; 45% decrease in the error rates according to the Hamburg University; 45% increase in more comfortable and perceptible reading rate.


• In the lighting applications installed in places, where health service is provided;

Increase in effect durations of antidepressant medications; lower risk of breast cancer as it helps melatonin regulation in healthcare personnel working night shifts; highest level of motivation and good / positive sense despite low levels of daylight exposure; better levels of wakefulness and liveliness despite worse and decreased daylight during Winter and



• In the lighting applications installed in areas used as offices;

Achieving a better personnel satisfaction through increase in concentration and energy levels; higher and more focused work motivation; up to 19% in work performance; 27% decrease in tiredness; 31% increase in sensation of liveliness and 34% decrease in sense of “wooziness”.


• Lighting applications installed in commercial areas such as Shopping Malls,

Supermarkets and Stores;

Daylight compatible product presentation; more positive consumer behaviors; achieving a longer daylight time in supermarkets and shopping malls; supporting the instinct of purchasing; the ability to have the environment perceived differently without making any structural change.


• In the lighting applications installed in industrial working areas;

Performance increase and decrease of error rates in the repeated business operations (for people who repeat the same work, such as installers); helping human biorhythm to be adjusted in the places where there are night shifts; a more positive effect thanks to the light color adjustment and employees’ preference of lower levels of light in the high Kelvin applications.


In the lighting applications installed for general living areas;

Effecting people’s feelings in a positive way; achieving desired effects as a result of using light levels and color tones for different perceptions and purposes; increasing the sense and perception of comfort; creating or supporting positive perception in areas with less lighting such as corridors, lobbies or inter-floors thanks to the use of daylight.

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