What is Human Centric Lighting?

“Human” Centric “Proper Lighting”...


Positioning and controlling of artificial light with various scenarios to copy Sun light with lighting luminaires and light control system components produced conformably in terms of color tone and light intensity!


A new lighting application discipline especially being compatible with (*) circadian human biorhythm, increasing it and its performance, facilitating learning and perception, prolong concentration, increase motivation and affect human behavior in a positive way: HUMAN CENTRIC LIGHTING !


Is this a new commercial approach? No, it isn’t.


Human Centric Lighting: An artificial lighting technique offered by a group of scientists having different specialties without any commercial purpose or concern and focusing only on human, in consideration of the investigation results published in scientific articles together with scientific researches for the interaction on human in terms of the closeness of artificial lighting applications - lighting devices to our natural light source, that is Solar light, and their imitability (adaptability) characteristics, the measurements as well as the findings and observations as well as all results obtained from relevant studies.


So, What is Human Centric Lighting?


Configurating and managing the light obtained from the artificial light sources in a way that it would support human morale, motivation and especially (*) circadian biorhythm by controlling light in terms of spreading, severity and color tone may be called as “Human Centric Lighting”


Light is one of the most important regulators, influencers of the human life and hormonal order. From sunrise to sunset, seasonal changes have been searched in terms of characteristics of the geographic regions lived over the world and impacts created by these on the people living in these regions and after those evaluations striking effects / results have been found by the scientists over the years.


The human body may display many hormonal differences and changes connected to the light level and partciularly light color (CCT) perceived through the eyes. When Light Intensity and hormonal responses developed depending on the light color tone start to be incompatible with the cycle, namely our biological clock, many psychosomatic changes, reaction and even developments, which may cause inconvenience, begin to be experienced.


When people wake up in the morning, human body mechanism starts the day by trying to adapt itself to Kelvin (CCT) value of the daylight, which is at 2200 Kelvin level. This adaptation mechanism continues working in order to adapt itself depending on White light Kelvin (CCT) values provided by the artificial lighting applications in offices, schools, hospitals, workplaces, houses and similar places, where we may be at for a variety of purposes during the day.


The more the difference between natural light source - sunlight increases the more difficult it is to adapt; contrasts start to occur and dependently human body biorhythm begins having difficulty or deteriorating partially. Here, the whole process of arranging and applying these artificial lighting - illumination devices used in the places we live in or we have to be at sometimes in order to decrease or eliminate this difficulty, to support human biorhythm and to regulate hormonal reactions is called “Human Centric Lighting”. Light spectrum of a good lighting should be similar to the spectrum distribution in broad daylight. The more this similarity increases, the more the quality of lighting increases as well.


“Human Centric Lighting” or with its original name, Human Centric Lighting Society (HCLS) does not place particular importance on any trademark or product for the aforementioned lighting techniques and applications, does not refer and not make any recommendation or suggestion. For further information about the organization’s activities, results of scientific research performed by the organization, organization members and purposes; please visit the organization’s website at www.humancentriclighting.com.


It should be known that there are a lot of benefits and advantages in installing lighting systems that gained significance thanks to the LED technology of today in accordance with the “Human Centric Lighting” methodology/method in terms of the places they are being installed to.



(*) CIRCADIAN RHYTHM: is the rhythms that last for about one day. The most prominent human rhythm is the cycle of sleep and wakefulness. Body temperature fluctuations, blood pressure and release of certain hormones follow the circadian rhythm. All living creatures including humans have developed an endogenous timing system that synchronizes their physiology and behaviors according to the day and night cycles. This system is also known as “circadian clock” in living creatures.


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