Policy of Human Health & Security



LAMP 83,
Considers “HUMAN SOURCE”, enabling its creation, development and growth and to bring the basic values of LAMP 83 to future, as the key and the most precious element. 
For our whole HUMAN SOURCE adopted as the main value by LAMP 83; identified for creation of a working environment with health and security and unconditional guarantee again for the provision of health and secure working environment, the obvious and transparent corporation policy of “Human Health and Security”  is identified as to create a corporation culture with the ability to;
Provide accredited, ever-controllable and transparent system of “Labour-Worker’s Health And Job Safety-Security” with a certification put into force by an organization holding national or international accreditation;
Provide both updated and constant training for human source in terms of “general” and “specific” works and keep the records of the training as certifiable
be applied with all requirements and definitions by the laws and legislations of the Labour-Worker’s Health And Job Safety-Security and update-follow up,
Follow-up updated and developing available technology and use of the corporation sources in positive way with parallel to such aim for procurement of Labour-Worker’s Health And Job Safety-Security within LAMP 83,
Form rules requiring the use of the equipments for labour health and occupational security by our employees  which benefit for our operatives and/or have the obligation to be used; inspect such rules and regard the deliberate failure of use, under any condition, as the cancellation of work agreement “to be unconditionally applied”
and as to bring such culture to the future by development. In addition to the corporation policy, our commitment, announced to all of our employees at the time of starting their jobs, is as follows: 
“Within the scope of the job to be performed; you shall have the free will of non-performing the job until required measures are taken by LAMP 83, in case you lack to feel comfortable in terms of occupational health and security with a reasonable cause. You shall not face any negative enforcement in relevant to your job, as well as temporarily working in another operation”.
As per the announced human health and security policy, LAMP 83 has OHSAS 18001 constituting accreditation of human health and security system and approved by the internationally accredited NQA Organization since 01.06.2011


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