Personnel Policy


LAMP 83, having been working without sacrificing quality since 1963, has become the leading company of Turkey in its field with its original designs, proper lighting sense, entrepreneur and leading stand in the sector and maintains this characteristic over 50 years.


LAMP 83 has worked with the most competent and experienced people of the sector and the field; and has been paying attention to work with people to contribute to the company, at the stage of forming the achieved level for a half century and brand of Lamp 83.


The Company’s Emloyee Profile

The company has always put importance on knowledge and, competent and educated labour force in their fields, with its educated personnel.


In the staff of LAMP 83, which pays attention to have the original product and part designs of its own, to register these designs and sense of quality in each stages; R&D and Industrial Design Department of 13 personnel have important roles.


Believing that qualified personnel is the greatest achievement for a brand regardless of facility and figures; LAMP 83 does not forget to provide brand new experiences its personnel with the new facility; such as gym room, hobby room and conference hall with 60 people capacity.


Human Resources and Principles about Personnel

Within the human resources principles of LAMP 83; which operates the mission of knowledge about the lighting issue and creating and popularizing the idea of ‘Proper Lighting’ by also providing lighting project service throughout the country and abroad with its marketing and sales staff consisting of 21 people, there are application of these principles in the whole company and working with the personnel having the quantities of;


  • Being competitive and having knowledge in their field,
  • Being in effort to add value to the company,
  • Showing effort to share with and submit to people, whom they work with, the knowledge/skills that they obtained and had,
  • Being in struggle for improve oneself, following the innovations, interested in/inclined to the environment and learning,
  • Being creative and always aiming the better in relation with their jobs and themselves.


The Companies Education Policy

Training within the Company: Making the effort to train and teach more its personnel due to its mission and company characteristics, LAMP 83 provides planned or arbitrary trainings related to the assigned departments as well as on-the-job trainings, and integrates this with the trainings in accordance with the departments in relation. In addition to all; LAMP 83 educates its personnel in fields such as quality, environment management, first aid as a result of the approach of quality awareness and environment conscience, as being one of the difficulties of our era, in each step of production and in each person.


Training Outside of The Company: As being the leader and pioneer company of the sector, LAMP 83, which is conscious about the fact that our service of many innovations, ever-developing the qualities of the products and used components, difference in providing better product and service to customers can be only sustainable with the trainings of our workers; materially and spiritually supports both within and outside of the company trainings related to sector and professions of the personnel  and considers this as an investment for the company. 


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