Quality Policy

LAMP 83,


Is an organization with belief of the requirement for the existence of quality and qualified process in every aspect of human and their lives; as a component feature for working culture, coming from past, and corporation position adopted by the founder.


LAMP 83 stipulates to represent the institution’s reason for being luminaires and its system design, products that are produced regarding the production and sale, system and services according to the quality rules of thumb and definitions. Within this scope, LAMP 83 Quality Policy is defined and adopted for creating a corporation culture with ability to


  • Create a work module and a system in which all processes are defined, constantly revised in parallel with the efficiency increase, measured, developed and provided with harmony with the other processes,

  • Provide accredited, formative, controllable, transparent “quality management” system of ours (ISO 9001) by the certification put into force by the institution with an international accreditation,

  • Provide all finished products, bearing LAMP 83 trademark, to be manufactured according to the international standards and norms covering them in accordance with the market of target,

  • Provide the products to be compliant with the current laws and instructions of their country of production enacted for the product standard, product guarantee and similar subjects,

  • Perform scientific and/or inspiring-innovative works about the efficiency, development, satisfaction, training of our personnel particularly and all shareholders,

  • Select and/or give priority to the business partners who are environmentally conscious to collaborate with LAMP 83 with the provision of complying conditions in competition and logistic procurement,


and to be the implementer of the current quality systems, to be developed and updated in the future, this created corporation culture.


LAMP 83, as per the declared quality policy since 14.09.2003, has a ISO 9001 document which is assured the LAMP 83 quality assurance system from the NQA institution which is accredited.



Please find below some samples of LAMP 83's international and national quality certificates.



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