Green Planet Policy


LAMP 83,
As a rule, LAMP 83 has accepted and adopted the fact that effective and equal use for the whole source provided by our planet enabling a habitat for the creatures and giving us chance to live is an incontestable right for all the creatures; however, regarding the rule for this fact not to prioritise the use of such rights over our liability and obligation of leaving a more clean and habitable planet behind us for next generations of the creatures of the world. 
The policy of “green planet” by LAMP 83, which had been determined and announced with the consideration of required respect and liabilities for our planet and the next generations, is to create a corporation culture with ability to
Enable our corporation to be accredited, audited and transparent for our system of “preservation and protection” (ISO 14001) with a certification put into force by an internationally or nationally accredited organization”,
Basically provide the function of “illuminating/luminary”; but also provide training and information expected from LAMP 83, as a company consuming energy, for being a company which effectively uses energy, energy sources and systems; designs its products and systems with the principle of energy efficiency and pays regard this matter of fact in the consumptions of the targeted customer; 
Classify all the wastes resulting from its activities; provide a disposal with transparent and controllable process and certification as required by law and regulations whether providing or lacking description, 
Select and/or give priority to the business partners who are environmentally conscious to collaborate with LAMP 83 with the provision of equal quality levels and competition conditions, 
and to be one of the leading locomotives for leaving a clean and habitable planet for the coming creatures with this created corporation culture.
As per the announced green planet policy, LAMP 83 has ISO 14001 constituting accreditation of green planet policy system and approved by the internationally accredited NQA Organization since 01.11.2004.


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