Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is:

Designing and producing unique, high-tech, energy efficient and environmentally friendly lighting systems by “Light is Life” philosophy oriented work team; creating functional, adaptable and efficient lighting projects by using these unique lighting systems and becoming a global brand working for enlightening the World with “Proper Lighting” principle.


Our Vision is:

To increase our production capacity and turnover with an active marketing and sales strategy within domestic market, by overspecializing in manufacturing LED solutions and other traditional luminaries in standard or in accordance with the requirement within stores, malls, offices, hotels, residences and other structures and by combining the experience of past with an innovative approach,


To be actively represented in at least 25 countries, European countries and Middle East in particular in foreign market; to reach factory exportation turnover as much as domestic sales turnover in the medium term, with an organization in Germany and Middle East afterwards,


To have a new facility by which the planned growth will be achieved, while taking steps to extend the company’s turnover, facility and production capacity with our new plant which we will move at the end of this year,


To successfully represent our country and Turkish Lighting Sector as ranking among the biggest lighting companies of Europe in long term,


To take part in new projects and enterprises with its leading and innovative identity while closely watching the general situation of the sector in both domestic and foreign markets,


To take part in domestic and international academic and sectoral relations as an active member,


To be accredited and receive necessary certificates by always giving particulate importance customer satisfaction; completing international accreditation programs in relation with the purpose of improving Management, Quality Systems and Services Provided to Customer,


To achieve customer and labour satisfaction in general sense by a certificate as a result of an independent company’s inspection,


To bring LAMP 83 to another 50 years’ period in safe with a management approach perpetuating the abilities of modern, participant, transparent, fast decision making and implementation and an augmentation policy in relation with increasing our  production capacity, market share an turnover.


For your personal data collected, stored and processed by us as data specialist, we operate in accordance with Article 10 of the Data Officer of the GDPR entitled ve Lighting Liability.