1963: This is the where and when the story begins. Our founder Mr. Atay Ceyişakar sets up a small workshop on Istanbul, Karakoy Bankalar street named as “Ceyişakar Elektrik” to produce and show basic lighting luminaries in a small store, that door plate is “83”.

1966: Those times when people were calling door numbers to address a point easily at Bankalar street instead of using company name or so. Thus, door number becomes a famous number within Bankalar street to point out “Ceyişakar Elektrik” and even the company starts to promote number“83” intentionally.

1969: Company designs and manufactures its first spotlight series for retail and shop displays. The company was still “Ceyişakar Elektrik” but door number “83” became more famous even than the company name within years.

1972: While improvements and growth of the company continuous, company decides not only changing its very first location with a bigger store, but also registers its trade name as “GALERI 83” referring that the new store becomes the biggest lighting showroom of the country. Thus, hard to write and hard to say “Ceyişakar” company name replaced with an easy recognized one.

1973: This is the year when Mr. Atay Ceyişakar’s search for finding an “easy and related” international brand name for possible future marketing and export activities. Company registers “LAMP 83”brand as the official brand for all its products, for national and international marketing activities. In time, this registered brand for marketing activities will be turning into a corporate name.

1985: A special department established within the company called “research and development “, while 22 nd. anniversary of the foundation is celebrated. This is also the year when Mr. Ceyişakar’s one more dream becomes true and company signs its first export contract.

1987: Growth and improvement of the company keeps rising and as a result of customer demands additional 1.000.- m² production facility added onto remaining production capacity.

1989: Although rising demands are fulfilled, satisfied customers numbers rises and more and more customer visit takes place. Company feels that it is more than a must that LAMP 83 branded products, their features, functions should be presented at the best conditions and practises. Thus, company invest for the biggest showroom of the country by opening a new showroom on Karakoy’s Bankalar street. Number of employees were rising at the same time.

1990: By paying great attention and importance to product design and proper lighting techniques applications an agreement was signed between company and Yapı Fiziği Uzmanlık Uygulamaları A.S. (Y.F.U. – Building Physics Expertise Implementations), Prof. Dr. Mr. Sazi SIREL to design and develop improved individual reflectors for almost all existed different light sources.

1992: Designing and measuring applications of this energy efficient reflectors project completed by Prof. Dr. Mr. Sazi SIREL – Building Physics Expertise Implementations A.S. , LAMP 83 manufactures all related reflector moulds and final products named as “Technical Lighting Series Luminaires” and services them to the market. This product series get a booming demand from the customers even after years passed and some competitors tries to produce almost the same series.

1993: Another “first”is introduced to the market by LAMP 83. A lighting design and engineering calculations computer aided software designed by I.T.U. (Istanbul Technical University) exclusively for LAMP 83’s “Technical Lighting Series Products” field applications as a result of the agreement signed between company and the University. This state of the art software and technology is introduced to the market and field professionals by LAMP 83. And this time making a similar one was almost impossible for the others.

1994: Growth and improvement still keeps rising. Company moves to its Istanbul - Kagithane located new factory and showroom facilities and gather all functions under one roof which is 5.000.- m² full closed area. This was the year company turns into incorporated company status and renamed as LAMP 83 Aydinlatma Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.

1995: Turkey’s first and only “Lighting Demonstration Center“ which shows proper lighting principles, applications and tests designed by Prof. Mr. Sazi SIREL and invested by LAMP 83 opened within the remaining new showroom facilities. This facility is served LAMP 83 customers, field professionals as well as university students during many years.

1996: LAMP 83 is having the honour of becoming one of the founder members of ATMK ( Turkish National Comitee on Illumination ). The company also organizes its first show-off at Hannover international light fair with latest LAMP 83 branded products and solutions.

1997: LAMP 83 realizes another “first” within the national lighting industry. LAMP 83’s quality system is certified by British NQA for ISO 9001 Quality Management System. In addition to that, LAMP 83 becomes one of the founder members of AGID ( Turkish Lighting Luminaires Manufacturer Association ) within the same year.

1998: LAMP 83 products and operations are inspected by German VDE foundation and certified & accredited to be able to use VDE and ENEC marks on some of the product groups. Thus, LAMP 83 branded products are certified on conforming all related EN Norms for all international markets.

2002: Once again LAMP 83 is certified for updated ISO 9001 : 2000 version after successfully completing revisions of internal quality system parameters.

2004: The first international distribution agreement signed for Germany market where technical, quality and competition expectations of the market are higher than any other European country. Once again LAMP 83 inspected and certified by British NQA for ISO 14001 Environmental Management issues.

2008: LAMP 83 re-certified once again for revised ISO 9001:2008 provisions.

2009: This is the year in which big changes monitored within World lighting industry as LED light sources come into force for general lighting applications. These deep changes would cause even some reputable players within the industry may end up to stay out of the game. But implementations and designing specific LED luminaires project work is already more than half of the way within the company. LAMP 83 makes sure that all operations, designs and developments will be suitable for unknown and unexpected future challenges.

2010: Sweden and Hungary distributionship agreements were made constructed and export trend is rising through Turkish national construction companies operating abroad and some sale agents in different countries. The first part of LED luminaires design, manufacture and registration work is completed and company makes sure that its starting position is an advantageous one for this all over new starting race.

2011: LAMP 83 is accredited and certified once again by British NQA for OHSAS 18001 certification, thus another “first“ is applied once again for our national industry. LAMP 83 branded LED products sales share is over 25 % of all internal and export sales within this year.

2013: LED products sales rises and reaches 50 % of all sales at the end of this specific year.

2014: Considering rapid changes and future opportunities of whole world markets, decision about investing for a new facility is approved by the management after the first quarter of the year. Filed work starts to make sure that the new investment and facility will be active at the beginning of 2015.

2015: The new high technology implemented LAMP 83 factory is at the service at Istanbul - Dudullu industrial region considering evolution of world lighting industry with LED technology, fulfilling rising demand from the market and finally considering LAMP 83’s future targets and expectations. The new factory is constructed in 22.000.- m² total area with fully robotic painting facility, 3D fast prototyping applications, capacity of around 1.000.000.- product / per year and over 130 employees. Above all these, LED products sales share reaches more than 80 % of all sales.

2016: A journey started from a small store carrying door plate of “83” in 1963 by our founder Mr. Atay Ceyişakar, aimed “to create a global Turkish brand” continuous by following the same main principles and corporate targets like it was in the first day. 


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