DeFacto prefers LAMP 83 for their first ever digital store.
Date : 30.10.2019

DeFacto prefers LAMP 83 for their first ever digital store.


DeFacto's first ever digital store in Istanbul Akasya Shopping Mall is illuminated by LAMP 83.


In DeFacto's digital & smart store concept, customers can view the different size and color options of all products in digital copies thanks to smart screens and virtual reality glasses. The clothes that are purchased from the store, which does not have a cashier point and where payments are made through automatic check-out or kiosk, are shipped by cargo to customers' address within one day.


For this new store concept, LAMP 83, the lighting supplier of DeFacto for many years, offered the JOY-S family products, which provide excellent control over the light by their special designed lens and featuring special LED chips that are designed especially for the retail sector to reflect the colors of fabrics much more accurately. 


For the illumination of 230 m2 store, a total of 185 products including 145 spot and 40 recessed products were placed of the Joy-S family which has a very high efficiency despite its minimum dimensions thanks to its 76 mm diameter. In the store, where homogeneous lighting was targeted, the light level of the wall displays were slightly higher than the medium displays.


LAMP 83 Sales Group Manager Serhan Acar commented DeFacto's first digital store project as follows: ‘As a company that has made it a habit to break new grounds in the Turkish lighting sector since the day it was founded, we were pleased to take part in the very first of DeFacto's digital store concept. We illuminated the store with products that are featuring special lenses and LED chips specific to fashion industry. Thus, we have controlled the light fully and made sure that customers perceive the real texture of DeFacto products as accurately as possible. In short LAMP 83 continues its efforts to provide the most advanced and technological products to its customers as usual.’


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