Experience Samsung’ technology under LAMP 83’ light.
Date : 27.09.2019

Experience Samsung’ technology under LAMP 83’ light.


Turkey’s first ever Samsung Experience Store, located in Istanbul’s Emaar Shopping Mall, is illuminated by LAMP 83.


LAMP 83 worked with One RX project management company for the lighting concept of 443 m2 wide experience store, where consumers could have a chance to try out different technologies of Samsung products.


Throughout the store, three different light color temperatures were preferred to separate the different sections from each other. While the illumination level was kept high in the exhibition areas, a lower level of illumination was planned in cafes and walkways and the products exhibited were brought to attention with more powerful light.


Trackspot and semi recessed versions of LAMP 83’s Pride family were used, all of which offer A ++ energy efficiency. In addition, in order to show the texture behind the wall displays, hidden lighting was realised with Band product, while Joy recessed products were used in the back office. Thanks to its energy efficient products, LAMP 83 illuminated the entire store only with 159 products.

LAMP 83 Sales Group Manager Serhan Acar, commenting over Samsung Experience Store project said that ‘’As a company who always chase after innovations and that has always been pioneer of the Turkish lighting industry, we were glad to illuminate on the lighting of Samsung’s first Experience Store in Turkey. In the project, we differentiated the sections of the store with light by using different light color tones and different levels of light. With the fact that a world brand like Samsung preferred LAMP 83 to implement a brand new concept; in a way our unique place in the Turkish lighting sector and the trust in our company have been confirmed once again. The feedback that we received both from Samsung brand and One RX Project Management Company proves that the project was a successful one. Thus our cooperation with Samsung, which we are happy to add among our prestigious customers, will continue with an increasing momentum’’.


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