Technological illumination of İşbank by LAMP 83...
Date : 31.07.2019

Technological illumination of İşbank by LAMP 83


The New Generation office of Türkiye İş Bankası “Çevik Atölye”, which is notable for its innovative and modern design, was illuminated with the high-tech products of LAMP 83.


İşbank established “Çevik Atölye” , as an agile organization experiment , which is located in İş Kuleleri and was designed in accordance with the new ways of doing business required by the digital age.  LAMP 83 made its lighting product and technological control system choices in İşbank “Çevik Atölye” , which differed both by the informal design of the working environment and by the way of doing business and its manifesto, adhering to the modern and innovative architectural concept.


In the workshop, which spans an area of 930 M2, 3000K and 4000K light color temperatures were preferred in different products in order to differentiate the spaces together with the products that can be dali dimmed . Surface mounted type of Joy model was used in general lighting. On the other hand, the Joy-s model was used to illuminate the green wall, offering excellent control over the light along with the lens. In Normal meeting rooms, recessed Ark products with low glare (UGR ≤ 19) were used, while in private meeting areas, special pendant products in T form were included.


The Casambi automation system was used in the products in the workshop's private interview rooms, running via Bluetooth and enabling products to be controlled from mobile devices thanks to IOS & Android-based software. In open office work areas, special products in ring form 180 and 250 cm in diameter were preferred, while the corridors were illuminated by pendant versions of the Ark family placed in opposite ways.


A total of 265 LAMP 83 products were used in the project where the most notable part in terms of lighting, was the forum area. Additionally, the famous logo of İşbank was created on the ceiling along with Wiggle model, which is a modular and unique product of LAMP 83 that can adapt to architectural forms and details.


Regarding the work for İşBank “Çevik Atölye” , LAMP 83 Sales Group Manager Serhan Acar noted that,  “Taking part in such an innovative and technological project developed by one of our country's most established institutions such as İşbank has made us proud.  The innovative, high – tech work and high-efficiency lighting products-systems development philosophy that has lasted since the first day of LAMP 83, which also  matched one-on-one to  Çevik Atölye’s working logic -  we have been able to easily develop solutions suitable for the project and meet with İşbank team in a common ground. Using our low-glare products, plus lens products that better control the light, our Bluetooth-based control system Casambi and also our Wiggle product  which we created with the İşbank logo -  we think we add value to the project, both in terms of technology, employee comfort and perception represented by “Çevik Atölye”. We are extremely pleased to have undertaken the lighting of such a prestigious project."


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