Gateway prefers LAMP 83
Date : 01.07.2019

Gateway prefers LAMP 83


Gateway Management, one of the major companies in the visa services sector, preferred LAMP 83 for the illumination of its new 4,000 m2 visa center in Istanbul.


Established in 2002 as a partner of VFS Global, Turkish firm Gateway Management, providing visa application and technology services on behalf of diplomatic missions of 27 countries, has worked with LAMP 83 to illuminate the new visa application center in Istanbul. LAMP 83, who worked with MAAK Architecture for the lighting concept of app. 4,000 m2 center consisting of four floors, illuminated the office complex with 811 products in 38 different versions.


Within the scope of the project, the visa center lighting criteria of different countries were met and the visual comfort of the personnel as well as applicants wishing to obtain a visa were taken into consideration. Therefore, LAMP 83’s L-UGR, Optio, Ark-S product families with low glare (UGR≤19) products were used  in addition to Bright, Pride, Wals, Karo series. Different lighting solutions were applied according to various operative units of the visa center such as biometric cabins, application counters, waiting areas and VIP application areas. Continuous light lines without any light leakage were created over application counters and open office desks, thanks to the project-specific versions of the ARK family.


Regarding the project which Mr. Mehmet Aydın of  Maak Architects, said ‘’We gave priority to provide comfortable lighting according to the functions and user needs of the work areas. In the project, lighting levels that are appropriate to the different functions were required in the same space. For example, there was a need for a lower level of illumination in the waiting areas, a higher level but more comfortable lighting for the staff who would work all day in working areas and a more technical lighting in the biometric photography areas’’.


Mr. Mehmet Aydın summarized that ‘’After our architectural project became clear, we exchanged ideas with LAMP 83 team about lighting design and calculations, project and product selection & placement processes. After an intensive work process, all the different needs in the project were met and the desired comfort was provided both in terms of products and light levels. The result was very satisfying.’’


LAMP 83 Sales Group Manager Serhan Acar, assessing the work done for Gateway Management, commented that ‘’Gateway's Istanbul office project was an important one for us in terms of its international identity and prestige. On one hand, we tried to meet the standards requested by different countries for their own visa departments, on the other we aimed for comfortable lighting for both employees and visitors. Thanks to 38 different version products we used, not only we served fully to realise the needs of the project; but also we created satisfaction on the Gateway side in terms of functionality, energy efficiency and visual comfort. We are also delighted that we will undertake the illumination of the Gateway's different projects at home and abroad, thanks to the satisfying results’’.


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