SİLKAR, achieves natural appearance with LAMP 83.
Date : 29.06.2017

SİLKAR, achieves natural appearance with LAMP 83.


Showroom of Silkar Mining, which produce marbles and mosaic stones at the same time in natural stone industry, is illuminated by LAMP 83.


Silkar Mining, a company of Silkar Holding that has been actively trading since the days of Ottoman Empire back in 19th century, is one of the leading worldwide companies in natural stone industry. As such an established company, Silkar Mining handed over illumination of its showroom to another established company, LAMP 83.


In the central part of the showroom, covering 200 sq m in İstanbul, LAMP 83’s exclusive Silver track lights were used since they are adaptable to ever-changing displays and highlight the products in most efficient way. In the same area, a linear Ark pendant that is in same length as special marble desk, were used to create a conceptual integrity.


In other parts of the showroom which were designed as separate rooms, homogenous illumination were provided thanks to round-shaped, tiltable and wide angle recessed products of Silver family. In order to come close to natural appearance of the stones in terms of color and pattern as much as possible, 90 CRI LED chips were selected in display areas. For the whole project, total of 94 luminaires were placed.


Architect Ms. Tuğba Çakmak who designed the showroom on behalf of Silkar, summarized their brief for the illumination as ‘We aimed to have an illumination that would highlight our products as close as possible to their natural appearance and a sort of light color that would underline patterns of the stones while being eye-friendly.’


Ms. Tuğba, who follows LED technology very close, said that ‘Due to their beam angles, reflector types and ability to emit the light, LAMP 83 luminaires in general provided us a light color tone that is the most natural. We’re satisfied to work with LAMP 83 who approached very professionally and informed us in details for every aspect’


LAMP 83’s Sales Group Manager Mr. Serhan Acar summarized the project as ‘In general illumination needs of different sectors in retail store business are diverge a lot. In that sense lighting for stores should be designed bearing design of the areas, products types that are displayed and field of activity of the company on our minds. While we were working for Silkar project, we made an effort to ensure that natural patterns & colors of the stones are perceived as real as possible. Just like Silkar Group, we are also glad to see that we reached our goals in terms of lighting.’